Stellar Withchcraft. 

Path's Manifesto 

Tradition of Stellar Witchcraft 
Short version of Stellar Witchcraft Symbol of Faith

1) We believe in the Great Mother of the Universe, Source of All Being. She, from whom the Goddess and the God 
originated, and all other Gods who are the images of the Great Goddess and the God. 

2) We are Witches. We believe that witchcraft is the way to become one with the Universe, the way of harmony and 
self-evolution, healing and wisdom. 

3) We believe that Witchcraft, also known as Wicca or The Old Religion, has come from the old neolithic cults of the Great Goddess and in a straight continuity. 

4) We admit the existance of the world of spirits, which is wery wide. Witches can interact with it or even have 
soul affinity. 

5) We aspire to learn witchcraft (shamanism) as the natural essence of soul. Our witchcraft path is related to the 
Upper world (Sky spheres). 

6) We won't attack innocent, we honour the Witches' Creed. But we do have a right to defend against the others' 

7) We support the being of the Old Religion - the Craft of Wise - by teaching those who seek and are worthy. 

8) We keep the harmony and aspire to the soul's evolution. We admit the bisexual nature of the soul, magic and energy, the unity of all. We never follow the dark ways and don't practice the malefic magic. 

9) We are free witches, we don't admit any other rule but the will of the Great Gods. We recognize witches of our 
tradition as our sisters and brothers. 

10) We recognize Love as the main way and religion. We aspire to compassion, mercy, peace. We recognize love as holy in all of it's appearances (if it is non-violent) 

11) We are loyal to what we believe in and avoid things, which are against all that is good in us, or are 
harmful to us. We keep our freedom of will and respect it in others. 

12) We respect and honour the Nature and Earth, Gods and Spirits, we aspire to live in balance with the World. 
We're against the brute force and violence. 

13) Always we're following the Flow and the Spirit of the Path of Stellar Witchcraft. Our heart is always open 
for the Great Mother and Her gracious Path. 

In the name of the Mother of the Universe. 
Blessed be. 
Viktor Aradia, the High Priest of the Path. 

Stellar Witchcraft is the one of wiccan traditions (keeping it's independence), related to the pagan and shamanic 
paths, Shaman-Witches Craft, Old Religion. You may read more about the tradition in the projects of the "Spirit 
of the Goddess".
Translated by Viralissa. 

Mysterial Witch Tradition (Mysterial Shaman Path), which is the confluence of nature witchcraft, sky (white) shamanism and priesthood (theurgy). Nature witchcraft of the Upper World. This is not eclecticism, but the full original tradition. The first full original tradition of Wicca in CIS, pushed the envelope of the one coven (Spirit of the Goddess), which became the spiritual path. It's inspired by wiccan concept of witchcraft and some myths. Due to our faith, these are parts of the Old Religion, which was one in the times before, and the Cult of the Great Goddess, which came to us from the ages in the different ways. We united them in the tradition of the Stellar Witchcraft. This is the confluence and revival of the Old Religion with the straight mysterial (soul-mysterial) inheritance of the Stellar Witchcraft from the Old Religion of the Great Mother-Goddess, and directly our own stream in the Upper World. This is the main foundation of the myth of our tradition. But despite it's heart, most of the texts for the path theology basis, structure and soul tradition are authorial, written by the initiated priests of the path and the founder himself (Victor Aradia). This tradition is one of the wiccan tradition but it has its own spirit, so the tradition is fully original. This is mysterial tradition focused on self-development, unity with the Universe, harmony with the Nature and the spirit world, soul connection with the Upper World, for the Sky Energy. Unity of the Sky and Earth. Opening wings of soul. And also the spirit connection of winged souls, mutual respect and support. Unity of the close souls.
As so the others nature pagan paths it counts magic (witchcraft, shamanism) as the Spirit manifestation. And also the Path counts self-development of a man (personal, spirit and magic) and harmony with the Nature as ones of the basic things. The tradition is focuses on the spirit evolution and the Gift revelation, opening soul wings, craving for self-development, healing and unity with the Universe.
Stellar Witchcraft is the next shape of nature witchcraft, rising a man to the Stars, Spheres and the Mother of the Universe, suggesting confluence and unity with the World, harmony with the Universe.
The tradition is initiating, but at some terms allows also self-initiating.
It has the sisters tradition of the Stellar Hecatiade.
The founder and the High Priest of the tradition - Victor Aradia, co-founder and the High Priestess - Fialkora Mikitenko.
Translated by Viralissa.

Symbol of Faith of the Stellar Witchcraft Tradition and the Way of Spirit of the Goddess.

Stellar Witchcraft is a natural witchcraft, which is its next form, elevating people to the Stars and the Mother of the Universe, giving a fusion, harmony and unity with the Universe.

1. We declare that there is a single Great Mother, Great Spirit, Mother of everything that exists; she has an infinite number of faces, She manifests herself in our love and we are all her children and loved ones. We declare and appeal to any Pantheon and Gods, but the Source of our Way is always the Great Mother. Originally the God and the Goddess arose from the Source of Everything, from the Great Mother of the Universe.

2. We admit that we are Her witches, Her mages, healers, prophets and priests. We think that witchcraft (shamanism) is a good path of knowledge and wisdom, the Gift of the Great Gods to us, and the word "witch" is bisexual (for both sexes), as the witch is a soul, and the soul is hermaphroditic.

3. We believe that in the past the Goddess has already given us a long period of peace in which people called the Earth their Mother. We believe that before the history was recorded, the worldwide matriarchal culture was widespread, where the Great Goddess was respected, there was a social equality of the sexes, and there were no wars. This culture was slowly replaced by aggressive patriarchal groups of vandals.

4. We honor and respect our roots, Ancestors and Spirits. We consider Wicca (natural witchcraft, Ancient Religion, Craft of the Wise) to be a direct heritage of the ancient cults of the Great Goddess, and the Stellar Witchcraft to be a gift of the Heavenly Spirits of the Ancestors of the Craft.

5. We try to protect our interests and interests of our sisters by practicing witchcraft (shamanism): the art of blessing, protection, healing, cognition and reunification with the wisdom located deeply in our soul, the spark of the Great Mother.

6. We are against hitting and attacking the innocent.
We do not make harm intentionally, only if it is necessary to prevent harm to us or to the others.

7. We always stand for the extension of the existence of the Old Religion, the Craft of the Wise and the Path of the Goddess, teaching those whom we consider worthy and fit.
8. We always guard the spiritual and magical balance.
We claim that every soul seeks the spiritual evolution and wants to return to the Great Mother. Therefore, we follow the Path of natural witchcraft and harmony with the Nature. We do not use the Craft only for gaining power as it means to downplay the spirit of the Craft. We do not follow the black ways and do not practice evil magic, as we know that this leads to the de-evolution of the Spirit. We are not trying to discredit and defame the Ancient Path.

9. We do not accept and do not allow any power over us, except the power of the Gods.
We cooperate and communicate with others, but we never serve them and always keep our honor.

10. We try to be kind to other people and know about what's in their hearts and minds.
We recognize that Love, True and Absolute, is the only Way and religion.

11. We will always be faithful to our own beliefs and avoid things that are against all good and fair that is in us, or harmful to us.

12. We respect everything that is in the Nature.
We never destroy or damage anything: we live in harmony with the Nature because the ways of the Nature are our own ways. We consider the acts of Love to be sacred and holy (including sex).

13. We always open our hearts and minds for the Great Mother who created everything that exists, as well as for our brothers and sisters in the Stellar Craft.

For the love of the Goddess,
The creator is Victor Aradia, the editor is Fialkora Mikitenko.

The Tradition is Wiccan, but it may have its own Spirit and Path on some points. The Tradition is a part of the Path of the Goddess, Ancient Religion. 

The founder (creator) and the Hiph Priest of the tradition - Victor Aradia (Founder of the "Spirit of the Goddess").
Translated by Alyona Korkunova.

The Old Religion. The Craft of the Wise. 
Spiritual path of self-knowledge and self-development. 

Wicca is the survived ancient tradition and the way of natural witchcraft, mergence with the World, self-acknowledgement and the Universe, unity with the Great Mother and spiritual evolution. 

Wicca is life in harmony with the Universe. It is life in union with Mother Nature. It's a dance with the Stars. 

Wicca is a fusion with the Divine. It's the whisper of Universe Mother. It is the spark of a Great spirit in every Soul. 

Wicca is a unity with Mother Nature, it is a whisper of the forest, a whisper of fields and meadows, it is a rustle of the Silver Wind blowing among the Stars. It is a bright mourning kiss of the rising Sun and a gentle evening kiss of the Moon. It's twinkling with the Stars. It's when every walk in woods becomes a ritual. A witch's dance in time. A harmony with the Universe, a breath with its rhythms, singing with its voice. Healing of the World. This is a great inspiration, delight and thrill of the Soul. It is a unity with the Spirits and a knowledge coming directly from Them. It's a knowledge of Great Spirits, Spirits of Nature and Stars, which They always directly give to witches. Every good witch wishing in the heart to embark on the path of the Ancient Craft of the Wise is already dedicated - to the Gods and Spirits. It does not require any more dedications and permissions because all the Nature is our Temple. It's the love of the Ancient Gods. This is the Great Way, the Ancient Way, the Way of the Great Spirit – of striving for the Spirit, unity with the Spirit. 

Wicca is an ancient and natural spiritual path of witchcraft. It's a shamanism of witches. It's the voice of Celestial Sky. It's a Gift from the Mother Universe. 

Victor Aradia, High Priest of “The Spirit of the Goddess” and Star Witchcraft.
Translated by Silvia Valknut.

A brief cosmology. Hierarchy of creation. Stellar Witchcraft.


The universe is infinite. It is the very embodiment of the Great Mother, the Mother of the Universe. The Great Goddess and the Horned God of Nature are the Source of all. All other Goddesses and Gods are the essence of the Faces and the original Embodiment of the Great Goddess and the Horned God. The Great Spirits of the Upper worlds are below? And after Them - the Star Spirits of the great witches, ancestors, etc "infidels". Even the human plan (including the astral and mental plans) of existence is lower. There are people, all natural and planetary spirits, Faery and inhabitants of other adjacent worlds. They are all equal to each other and a single before the Mother of the Universe, they may be "simple"spirits of the subject or the human spirit, but they all are Her children. And they all are one with each other and the whole Universe.


Even the spirits (not necessarily evil, by the way) the Lower world are the lowest, the spirits of people with karma full of negative , of  inferior essence, and so This plan is also quite extensive. Conditionally (conditionally!) this can be called " the underside of the world."


Egregors and all like them are on the human, planetary plane of existence.


The Elements originate in the Upper spheres, in the Source, and descend to the lower planes, gradually dividing into four basic Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and, in fact, forming a physical plane of existence.


Upper world unites all the worlds . It is a top face of the Universe. It includes the land of Eternal Summer. But each world has its own Lower world.

Victor Aradia.

An article from the cosmology section of Stellar Witchcraft.


Witchcraft and shamanism are two parts of a whole. It's basically the same thing. Perhaps, they are only from different angles. The Great Craft's task is the development of the spirit and the Gift of people, as well as healing and harmonization of the world, Mother Earth, and unity with the Universe. The emanating from one Source, the prehistoric cults of the great Goddess.

We understand Wicca as an ancient spiritual path of natural witchcraft and shamanism coming directly from the Spirits of Nature and heavenly Spirits, from the great Mother of the Universe. It's a harmony between the world of people and the world of spirits. Our understanding of Wicca is expressed in the tradition of Stellar Witchcraft.

Victor Aradia.


General ritualistic the Way of the Star of Witchcraft.


Stellar Witchcraft can be called the unity of natural witchcraft and heavenly shamanism. Therefore, rituals are appropriate. There is no clear ceremonial system of rituals on this Way. There is only freedom of spirit and creativity, intuition, insights. Rituals can be based on a personal energy of witches, on an attracted energy of Deities or spirits, on a Stellar flow. The only rule is consistent with the General wiccan Credo:"Do what you want, if you harm none." This means that you can do any rites if they are not directed against other people, to a detriment of them and as well as not to the detriment of yoursef.


It is worth mentioning that you can defend yourself, the main thing that it really was protection. It can be binding and defensive spells, the spell of retribution (via the Gods), the protection of the spirits, etc. But never "black" destructive magic, demonic magic or necromage.


Try also avoid work with egregors (and their derivatives in the form of rituals and symbols) of closed hierarchical structures or those, in which there are too much "black" magic (or akin to such) because the payment can be too great (it will be there necessarily, and sometimes it is your freedom).

Witches of the Way of the Stellar Witchcraft can use any obselecense rituals or any other rituals are natural ways that are harmonious with Heavenly energy in our Flow and do not carry a "black" low vibrations of negative energy.


I also suggest for beginners, if you found some strange, unknown rituals or symbols, not to use them, it can be dangerous.And never do any practices rashly, be cautious. Take into account your personal characteristics (fears, complexes, personal energy resource, various traumatic past experiences in magic, etc.), be careful.

For those ones who are interested in practices written specifically by witches and priests of Stellar Witchcraft I strongly advise to read the basics of theology of the Way. It is necessary for understanding the essence of the Stellar flow on which most of these practices were written. Especially examine articles related to cosmogony tradition, the Pantheon, the precepts Flow and manifest of the Way.

Victor Aradia.



Stellar Witchcraft. The myth of the Creation and Earth.


Her reflection was the face of the infinitely beautiful Mother in the Primeval Depths. When She looked up and knew Herself, She was filled with desire and love which set in motion the flows of primordial energy. Driven by an inspired creation, the Goddess floated where the sky was born under Her feet.


She drew the esters of Depth and created from them worlds, celestial spheres, planets and stars. Thus the Earth was born in the sacred Dance of Life.


Filled with blessing, shining Goddess gave to the Earth the firmament gradually easing unbridled primal energy with Her moist breath. So there was a tangible, physical substance that became a vessel of Her power. The water of Life, which encircles the firmament, is divided into its constituent elements: fire, air and water, which are the fruit of the Divine Mother on a par with the Earth. The same part of the Earth that preserved the original essence of the ether became the heavens – the spiritual shell of the planet.


The voice of Her love poured out brilliant light spirits rushing to the awakening worlds. Those who came down to Earth took on a material form and became the first living beings to hear Her voice in our world. Having endowed earthly life with the presence of Her spirit, the Goddess rose again to the star spheres blessing the fruits of Her infinite feeling.


"It all began in love; all longs to return to it."Starhawk, “The Spiral Dance”.


Centuries later, we again rush to Her on the wings of our own Soul. The soul that knows all that is in the infinite Dance of Life. The soul that remembers the true love that gave birth to the world that became our home. Open yourself to this beautiful feeling.

Svetlana Kononova.

An article from the cosmology section of Stellar Witchcraft.


Reminder for a witch of the Stellar Witchcraft.


- Clean, train and strengthen the mind. As more stronger your mind, as more more powerful energy you can control and as more stronger your protection.


- Meditate. Meditation is the basis of everything. From simple (harmonization) up to merging with the Goddess, travellings to the Upper worlds, fulling of energy and much more.


- Go to Nature. Communication with Nature can give a lot.


- Celebrate Sabbaths (the cycles of the Earth and the Sun) and Esbats (the cycles of the moon). These days forces fill you with energy, connect you with global energy flows.


- Remember that all of the necessary knowledge and skills you already have in your soul. Open them up.


- Remember that the soul is the essence of the spark of the Great Spirit (Great Mother), a winged divinity. Meditation on this can give a lot.


- Be very careful with initiations, introductions and connections anywhere: in different people's energy structures, egregors, etc., especially with a hierarchical pyramidal system (sometimes you need to look closely to see it), even if it looks "interesting and close". Remember that you can easily not tell. And going (energetically) from these structures, organizations, movements and egregores is never that simple. Carefully learn about the possible way out of such organizations, orders and ways. Whether it will be "forward feet". Do not devote yourself to closed orders or traditions just to "try": sometimes the entrance fee is too high (and often, unspoken), and sometimes – quite a your freedom, strength, energy or something else. Listen to your heart.


- Remember about sacred freedom of the will. Both yours and the other's. Don't be slaves or servants, keep your honor.


- Remember that good and good deeds improve your karma. Evil and negative aggravate. Strive for good deeds. Do not harm intentionally, for personal selfish purposes. Do not engage in black magic, necromancy, demonic magic, etc. – this is the way to the degradation of the spirit (loss of awareness) and negative karma.


- Learn the Craft of the Wise (Shamanic-Witch Craft) and develop the Gift. This can help you in many ways. The Gift is the hands of the soul.


- Don't forget about the purifications and preventive strengthening of protection (after cleansing should always be followed by the protection). It's always useful.


- Respect and always thank your spirit helpers and guardians. This improves communication with them.


- Do not be afraid to be yourself, don't follow "authorities" and "dogmas". Witchcraft is a creative way. Just be careful.


- Remember: a witch is a bisexual being, she(he) is higher of gender socio-political concepts of  public masses. The witch is able to call to life and control any energies of the being, "male" or "female", to change and transform them by the will. It does not depend on restrictions.


- Try to do what you would like to be done with you. Remember the Law of Threefold Return. It's the law of the Universe, the law of all the magic.


- Don't let yourself be offended. The right to self-defense is sacred. But try not to succumb to anger, revenge and hatred. Better ask the Gods for help in protection.


- Strive to Heaven, if you go the ways of good and blessed Craft, your soul is winged...


- Remember that the very first spiritual path is a natural good shaman-witch ways of the Ancient Craft. The natural witchcraft, heavenly shamanism. These are the ways of the Great Spirit. Over the centuries and centuries the Craft has been largely distorted, follow the path of the spirit, the Path of the Source.


- Honor the Ancient Gods, the good spirits and the great Mother of the Universe.


- Respect your brothers and sisters along the Way, by Tradition and Flow, respect those who opened the Flow.


Blessed be.

Victor Aradia.


The Pantheon of the Path.


This is not a dogma but a brief guide about the Forces which can help the Witch of the Stellar Witchcraft Path.


First of all, it is, of course, the Great Mother of the Universe. The Star Mother. It is the essence of the entire Universe, the One that gave birth to all things. She is a Great Spirit. Protomateria is the beginning of the whole Metaverse. How you see Her depends only on your vision and worldview. She is everything and everywhere, in everything including yourself. She is the Source of our Tradition, our Flow.


Next, The Star Dragon, the Guardian of the Worlds. He is the Great Guardian, Guardian and Protector of all the Worlds born and created by the Mother of the Universe. He can be as one of the faces of the Horned God. But in general, He is somewhat "separately" because the Horned God, for the most part, is associated with this World, with the Earth. And Star Dragon - with all Worlds, He is between them. We can say that He is "more heavenly" the essence of God, the Husband of the Great Mother, born by Her. He and Star Mother are more heavenly faces of the Goddess and God. And the Triple Goddess and the Horned God are more earthly. Although everyone has a freedom of vision and interpretation.


Slightly "below" are the God and Goddess as the faces of the Great Spirit. In fact They interact with people. They are the Great Triple Goddess and the Horned God. All the Gods are Their faces and incarnations, anyway (except for some created by people "egregorial of the Gods", which include all sorts of "black Gods"*). They can also be anything: they have no restrictions. The Goddess of the Moon or the Goddess of the Sun. The Earth God of Nature and the Heavenly Mother Goddess or Mother Earth and Father Sky. They're always with us. They help and instruct, protect us. You can always refer to Them.


In addition to the Goddess and God we are helped to direct the Flow and interact with шt, as well as to live and develop in it, the Heaven Spirits. The Star Witches. They are the Great Spirits of the Upper Worlds, the Patrons of the Craft. Just an Ancient Shamanic-Witch Craft in many Worlds apart. They are very wise and powerful. They can guide you along the path, in a blessed and harmonious way, if you listen to their advices. One of the challenges for a witch of the Way working with the Flow is to learn to hear the Star Spirits and to communicate with them. The task of the Priest the Way to help a new one on the Way to learn how to do it, and do it properly (without catching extraneous entities).


The Star Spirits are mostly benevolent, but it is worth remembering that while you are new to the Way (and in the matter of mediumism and priesthood), spirits of other worlds can come to you accidentally or specifically. The universe is infinite, and different spirits in different worlds (including the High) just do not count. You should be careful! Star Spirits can respond to our calls, help and teach, inspire and protect may be more often than Gods. It is necessary to establish contact with them, strengthen communication. Priests can carry and embody Them in various ceremonies if it is necessary. They are in fact direct mentors and "creators " of the Tradition. Since the spirit of the craft began to fade in the world, and the Craft itself – to distort, there was a need to bring it back to the World. So, in fact, and there was a Stellar Witchcraft through the Founder's Way and the main conductor here in this World (the Founder of the Path is Victor Aradia). It is not a new invention, it is as old as the World, for the Old Heaven Spirits that conduct it. It is the Spirit of the Great Craft that comes from the prehistoric shamanic cults of the great Mother, the cults of the first people. Let its outer essence change over time, but the Spirit is still the same heavenly Spirit. Also, the Tradition of Stellar Witchcraft is not unique in its essence, there are many other similar (at least externally) "Star" Traditions.


This is due to the fact that there are many different people, winged souls, that were the inhabitants of the Upper worlds in their past lifes. They come here for various reasons, and some of them may be the founders of various Heaven Traditions and practices. They can contribute to the revival of the spirit of the craft. The differences are explained by the fact that each person, conducting the Flow in one way or another, brings something of his own to it. Everyone remembers something different, and something does not remember: all have different life experiences and worldview. Circles around them gather on the principle that people are closer to a certain type of Flow or worldview, the proximity of the spirit (these people could know each other in past lives and other worlds). Although on this subject there are certainly those who can use other people's works in their order (it is better to avoid such people). But a wise and experienced Priest of the Way will try to keep the Flow as pure as possible, to teach people in it to directly address The heavenly Spirits.


Also a Witch of the Way can refer to the earth spirits or elemental spirits of Mother Earth and related worlds (if they are supportive). But there should be even more careful, different spirits can make contact with you with my order. Mother Earth Herself, the Spirit of the Earth (Gaia), can also support you because we are all embodied in this World, and therefore Her children.

In general, the Witch of the Path can refer to any of the faces of nature Gods and Spirits, but specifically black and destructive (harmful, inferior things*). But they must be in harmony with the Pantheon of Star Witchcraft and Celestial Spirits. It's a heavenly high-energy Stream, remember that.


Blessed be.


Part of the article is based on old wiccan myths, the spirit of the Ancient Religion. Because the Tradition of Star Witchcraft, in fact, is a direct heir and successor to the craft of the Wise, the path of natural witchcraft, going continuously from the ancient shamanistic cults of the great Mother.

Victor Aradia.

* - By that I mean not dark, the night aspect of the Gods, but the black, destructive, malicious and negative astral entities-parasites, like devils, demons, etc.

An article from the cosmology section of Stellar Witchcraft.


Covenants of the Witchcraft.


The Witchcraft (Ancient Craft) is old. It has many different currents. There are no absolute dogmas in it. But you can highlight what can be called the Precepts of Witchcraft.


1) Don't harm someone. We are brothers and sisters to each other in the witchcraft of the Wise. We are all children of one Great Mother, despite the different directions and ways of craft. You may not agree(to) in something with your brother(sister), but this is your brother(sister), don't go against him(her). Otherwise, you can bring Craft and very(very) itself.


2) Strive for self-development. This is the path of self-development of spirit, mind and body is endless. It leads to Heaven. They can harm both you and others avoid it only harmful currents.


3) Love is sacred. All Love is Holy if it is done without violence. Violence is unacceptable, every soul is a spark of the Divine spirit. Although self-defense is also a sacred right.


4) Respect Nature and the spirit world. Living in the rhythms of harmony with the spirits and nature, you can draw your strength from the Universe itself.


5) Remember, the basis of all magic in first place - spirituality. The basis of spirituality is peacefulness.


Blessed be.

Victor Aradia.


The inner Covenant of the Way.


«The Spirit of the Goddess» is not just a coven, but a whole clan. Especially in the form of a Stellar tradition of Witchcraft. This is the main credo of the Way.


- We follow the path of self-development, spiritual craft.


- We are free, but we are true to each other. The Stellar Witchcraft is a family, all are brothers and sisters, kindred spirits.


"We are free, but we are true to our Path, the Flow of Star Witchcraft, its covenant.


- We will never turn against their (their-hunts and priests, brothers and sisters), never consciously harm them or Flow of path.


That is our oath. In the name of Star Mother.

In perfect love and perfect faith.


Victor Aradia, Founder and high priest of the Way.


Star spirits. The stellar and the earth witch.


Stellar witches (Star spirits) are the Great spirits of the Upper world. Spirits-ancestors and patrons of all the craft (Ancient shamanic-witch craft) in all worlds. They can have many faces and forms. There are different archangels in Western Magic-Theurgy and New-Age, in Siberian-Mongolian shamanism there are tengias and khans. In pagan witchcraft there are different powerful celestial spirits, ascended heroes, rarely high faery, demigods and gods. Sometimes (very rarely) terrestrial the witches can be their incarnations, either one of their faces. These witches are, by their nature, the great priests and priestesses. Their fate is to be in the world any of the Ways of the craft. Their souls are winged. Such witches will be incarnations of the Dharma. Sometimes it can even be seen astrologically or something else (if you look clean and precise). And of course they can be incarnated as great teachers and prophets, the founders of the ways.

The essence of such spirits is multifaceted, they can be called coming before the Great Gods themselves and the Great Spirit (the One Mother of the Universe). They are overseers of the worlds, they are guardians of magic, they are assistants on the ways. I hould say that they are not necessarily in the Upper world, they can fulfill their mission in any of the worlds. Although not all the spirits belong to him, there are countless types and other spirits - spirits of natural, medium, lower, adjacent, or other subtle worlds.


The Star spirits will support not any magic. For thousands of years in the world there were many destructive forces, such as black- and necromagic, power-loving Mago-political orders, a variety of demonology, most of which is based on human fabrications and works within the egregors (ie, not natural, artificial). To support the destructive trends that excluded the originally natural shamanic-Vedic Craft (from which all kinds of magic and Theurgy went) and the peaceful essence of the spirit of the Divine from their way, the Great spirits will not, but will not do anything fully with it, observing the unshakable Covenant of free will (until the Earth itself comes the time of purification). But if you follow the path of natural and heaven witchcraft, if the wind of star infinity blows in your soul, if you are a witch of Stellar craft, you can appeal to them. Great spirits can be your guides, protectors and helpers. Turn to them with respect and reverence, they are merciful and loving, but not for nothing in the ancient shaman epic "Geseriada" described the destructive war between the spirits of the Upper world brought many troubles to the Earth, not for nothing the archangels have swords, and legendary heroes, gods and demigods were quite capable of destruction and rage.

Star spirits are a fusion of the principles of primordial divine Light and Darkness, manifestations of the most stellar infinity. The first children of the Mother of the Universe and those whose souls in their spiritual development have reached this level. In the tradition of Stellar Hecatiane (nursing to the Flow) there are also spirits mostly of Hecate, the World Soul, and manifestations of countless faces Her. Some of them may be related to people, others may not. They can incarnate in humans (quite rarely), fairies or others. They are not the very Source of the great craft but they are those who are at the Source (we can say - the great universal cauldron) and weave from it a canvas of multidimensional reality. Though of course don't confuse them with the earth spirits or the spirits of the subtle worlds of the faery which can also be very powerful. And do not confuse them with the Great Gods, the mother Goddess and the Horned God, the Mother of the Universe and the Star Dragon.


Follow the path of Star craft and blessed be.

Victor Aradia, high priest of the Way.

An article from the cosmology section of Stellar Witchcraft.

           Stellar Craft is the conditional name of the mix of the two ways, Stellar Witchcraft and Stellar Hekatiane.

Stellar Hecatiane.

The mysterial witch's way is built on the basis of theology of Stellar Witchcraft, but somewhat different in the Flow and having a concentration specifically on Hecate. On those faces Its, which can be conditional support call "heavenly" and "light carriers" (or even "merciful" and "loving" - the original the crux of the any of a deity). Hecate as the World Soul.

It is part of the great and multifaceted ancient cult of Hecate, its "heavenly" face.

You can say about it a "wiccan" view on Hecate, Mother of the World, the World Soul. The light of Her great heaven flame, the light of her torches. The Great Mother's Blessing.


A Brief Manifesto of the Way.

1) We believe in Hecate as in a World Soul, we see Her as the Mother of all things, many-sided, boundless and incomprehensible.

2) We appeal to the merciful and loving faces of Hecate in Her upper world flow. We expect that there are too much suffering in the world to bring there even more spending anything destructive.

3) We not deny dark or bright Hecate's face, we are in equilibrium.

4) We are witches, priests and priestesses of Hecate, conductors of light of Her torches in the World.

5) We honor the Ancient shamanic-witch Craft and respect the Rede of witches.

6) We recognize the soul is unisex as magic and energy, the unity of all things. As well as the boundless incomprehensible diversity of Hecate beyond any boundaries of human stereotypes.

7) We against violence and destructive magic, we believe that the main postulate Mothers this Love. But we are quite free to defend ourselves against other's aggression.

8) We do not recognize above us any power, only the will of the Mother of Hecate. As witches of our tradition we recognize we are sisters and brothers. We're loyal to Hecate and each other.

9) We remain faithful to our beliefs and avoid things that oppose all that is good in us or that are harmful to us. We preserve free will and respect it in others.

10) We respect and honor Nature and the Earth, Gods and spirits, we seek to live in balance with the World.

11) We strive for spiritual evolution, self-development and unity with Mother Hecate, we try to bring the light of Her craft into the World, enlightenment and healing.

12) We recognize ourselves as witch Stellar Witchcraft because these two paths are one, although they partly differ.

13) We always follow the Flow and Spirit of the Stellar craft path, we are faithful to it. Our heart is always open to the Great Mother, Her good way.


Victor Aradia, High priest of the Way, Founder of Stellar Craft.


Mother of the Universe.


The Great Mother of Creation,

Boundless as the star sky,

Wrap your cloak around me,

Bless my spirit on the way.


Let Your darkness hide me from all evil,

Let Your light keep me on my way,

Let Your love fill me,

And the crux of all of my life let it be love.


Teach me to see clearly how you see everything,

Strengthen my heart and give me courage to live,

Let me know your infinity,

And unity with You.


Save Me from misfortunes and troubles,

Kiss your heal,

Let me open my wings,

To you their room to embrace.


Put on my body by the power of his,

Fill my soul with your love,

Put my mind in its wisdom,

To praise you.


The Great Mother of Creation,

Star Mother of all things,

The infinite essence of eternity,

Glory to you and love, glory to you and love.


Your names and images are boundless,

Your love is boundless,

And the eternal protection and patronage,

Glory to you, glory to you, glory to you.


In the name of the Mother Universe.

Victor Aradia. 

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